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Tools to Find Bella:

Bella's Description:

  • Bella is a Shiba Inu - small to medium size
  • About Knee-height
  • Bella is only about 25 pounds; 15 inches tall
  • Black Collar w/ tags
  • Pointy Ears
  • Curly Tail
  • Shy, loner

If you see Bella:

  • call 408-891-4239 immediately
  • do not chase her
  • do not shout at her
  • follow her from a distance and report her location
  • offer her food; lure her to an enclosed area, backyard or garage












What's the Latest?

Bella continues to be spotted almost daily, check here to read Terri's latest message.

Bella was seen trotting along around Piercy & Silver Creek on Sunday, Father's Day, and many times since in that vicinity. We really need flyers in this area. It is some what industrial and has not been canvased yet. Flyers and tape are available on Terri's porch.

Donna w/ Finding Paws will be down shortly to check this area for scent.


Volunteer help needed:

  • First Responders needed to spring into action with the next confirmed pic of Bella on the trail cam, to help us get the trap up and set up for the stakeout.